About Us

Immune Targeting Systems (ITS) is developing synthetic vaccines for mutating viruses and cancer. ITS' lead programme is a synthetic pan-strain influenza A vaccine targeting all potential seasonal and pandemic flu strains and is currently in phase-I clinical testing. The company has commenced lead optimization of its universal Hepatitis-B therapeutic vaccine targeting all major viral genotypes (A, B, C & D).

Mutating viruses (Influenza-A, Hepatitis-B & C, HIV) represent a very serious threat to human health. They are often poorly treated and their high degree of antigenic diversity enable them to evade both natural immune systems and to be resistant to conventional vaccination strategies.

ITS' technology represents a breakthrough in prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine design in that it promotes cell-mediated immune responses to conserved regions of the virus. This provides strong immunological protection against diverse strains of a given virus irrespective of the genetic or ethnic background of the vaccinated individual.